Updated: 01.27.2013


Frequently Asked Questions

So, what exactly happens during the C30s Conquer the Dragon Weekend?

Our weekend events include:

  • Welcome Cookout and Ice Breaker;
  • Craft Beer & Wine Tasting (21 and over;)
  • Multiple drives on The Dragon;
  • Numerous Photo Opportunities;
  • Informal Car Show with People’s Choice Voting;
  • Group Photo;
  • Tech Workshops;
  • Side Trips (e.g., Clingman’s Dome, Go-Karts, etc.;)
  • Raffles (100% of ticket sales benefit Wounded Warrior Project and Wounded EOD Project;)
  • Door Prizes and “Goody Bags”;
  • Awards Dinner;
  • Lots of fun, great food, great scenery, and good friends.

How Do I Register?

Registration for the 2013 CTD event is not yet open. Stay tuned.

What is This Year’s Registration Deadline?

Registration for the 2013 CTD event is not yet open.

What Lodging is in the Area?

Lodging information can be found here.

Are Shirts Available Again this Year?

Yes! As in the past, shirts will once again be available for the 2013 CTD. However, we are still working on the design, so stay tuned.

I Can’t Make it to the Dragon. Can I Still Order Shirts?

Yes! Once the design has been finalized and we are accepting orders, you will be able to order shirts without actually attending the event.

What Should I Bring?

Here is a list of suggested items that has been compiled over the years by a group of Dragon veterans:

  • FRS Radios
  • Camera
  • Cash
  • First Aid Kit
  • Roadside Kit (tire repairs, compressor, flares, etc.)
  • GPS System (optional)
  • Clean underwear for your passengers
  • Anti-nausea medicine for your passengers
  • Umbrella and/or Poncho
  • Good Attitude
  • Flashlight
  • Folding Chair
  • Patience
  • Detailing supplies
  • Window cleaner and rags
  • Bug spray
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Alkaline Batteries/Rechargeable Batteries & charger for camera, flashlight, etc.
  • Laptop
  • Sunscreen
  • Evenings can get a little chilly, so bring some warm clothes